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Show some love to your couch and fill up that empty wall space with zChel art. Browse through our deliciously exciting designs, and order yours today.

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Sketches get Sketchy

Where pencil explodes in software

Emotions can be overwhelming, but there is release in a freshly sharpened pencil scratching around on paper. Hear it squeak, squeak, squeak as these illustrations take shape and create a voice for the shapeless mass of unfiltered feelings that beg to usher the daily ups and downs.

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An American Walkabout

New Blog

I am officially moved out of my apartment. I am storing most of my earthly possessions, and holding onto my main necessities…that fits in my mini cooper, my new permanent residence. What on earth possessed me to make such a seemingly crazy choice?

I’ll tell you

Paintings for the open-minded

What can oil do for you?

zChel is continually coming up with new art inspired by this crazy life. These paint splatters are much more than a dirty canvas. Check them out; don’t be shy.

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