day dreaming

Camping and the Road Ahead

What do you do when you don't have endless tasks rushing you onward? Can you leave those internal voices behind if you drive far enough away? They try so hard to cling on to you no matter where you go. How long will it take for their voices to get hoarse from yelling, because you just can't hear them anymore? Life, this life, is just too important right here and now to race impatiently on to the next thing. Stillness is a gift that we must choose. Be here and rest in this moment. I wrote these words...


Listen to the Still Small Voice

I hear the still small voice. Call it intuition or the Holy Spirit. For me recently it has gotten much more distinguishable. But do I always listen to it? No, I don't. Maybe it's because I don't trust it? Maybe its because I think its just my own unhinged thoughts. Maybe its because it goes against my head-strong will? But I am learning that it is right, and I can trust it. It warned me about a place that I stayed. Somehow I...