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dry creek falls

Portland At Last

(Photo: Dry Creek Falls) 8/18-8/28 I arrived in Corbett, Oregon on Sunday evening; its a picturesque sleepy farm town about twenty minutes west of Portland right off the Columbia River. Its part of the Columbia River Gorge which has endless hiking trails, waterfalls, the Pacific Crest Trail and Bridge of the Gods, which was featured in the movie Wild. Its an outdoor mecca flocked by many Portland residents each weekend. And it was my privilege to stay at the Kadinky farm for my last woofing destination before heading back...

pacific coast highway

Freedog Farms at Cactus Flower Ranch

(Photo of highway 101 heading north to San Francisco) 8/2-8/13 My next farm stay was in California, just a hint north of Santa Barbara directly off of the 101. I saw my temperature gauge drop to a comfortable 70 something degrees when I neared the Pacific coast, and I immediately opened my windows. The fresh air filled my car carrying the wonderful sweet smell of the sea. It raised my spirits immediately; I was on the coast again! I could even see the ocean from parts of the...